How I started in jewelry repair

I started my career in 1989 at Best Products Corporate Headquarters in Richmond, VA, which had stores across the US. I entered an apprenticeship program there. Soon, I picked up basic skills, like how to polish rings, then size them, etc. After a year or so, I realized I had a natural knack for the trade, and was soon repairing prongs and setting stones. After a few years, I ventured out to work for a former supervisor who opened up his own company. 

I learned more and more skills of this trade, including casing my own custom pieces using a lost wax method. From there I went on doing jewelry repair and custom jewel work for Morton’s Jewelers. In 1995, I created Precision Jewelry Service, doing repair work for as many as 17 retail stores and had several employees working for me. In 2009, I decided to simplify and opened a jewelry repair shop in Carytown, catering to my personal clientele. I also service several of Richmond’s most prominent jewelry stores. I offer full service jewelry repair, custom design, and complete restoration of heirlooms as a master craftsman on sterling silver, gold and platinum.